A Coworking Space in Almaty
Area: 85,8 м²
Photo credit: Alina Panchuk
We selected furniture and accessories for the interiors of these shared offices, in cooperation with designer Darya Yenikeyeva.

A column helps separate the office area by the window from the conference table. Based on our sketches, we manufactured a lamp and a bench that can be used for work or rest. The hanging swing chair is by the Polish brand Iwona Kosicka Design.

We call the meeting room, with its airy white chandelier, an “ice-cream parlor,” because no matter what serious questions are to be discussed at the table, nobody would be bothered by the lightness and irony.
We used blush-pink Magis swivel chairs as a delicate color accent against the neutral background of white walls and parquet floor.

We chose the furniture so that it is not only comfortable and cozy, but also piques the interest of those who come to work here. The shelf is decorated with the objects we brought from Greece and Belgium especially for this project.

Shelf: Magis
Chairs: Delo Design