Yurta Interiors is a team of Almaty-based designers and decorators. Our strength lies in the harmonious way we work together. Each of us has achieved success in her area of work and our professional skills and talents complement each other to achieve the best outcome.

Almagul and Kunsaya select furniture and accessories. Darya and Anastasia do textile selection and decoration. Ksenia evaluates interior designs, works on drawings and blueprints, and supervises projects. Svetlana takes care of all our administrative and logistical needs.

We use an integrative approach — the values of the homeowner and their character are important to us, and in each project we help the client tell their story. We try to reveal and celebrate the owner’s individuality through the textures and colors of fabrics, furniture, and materials. Interior details tell a lot about the people who live in the house and help them create family memories while living comfortably.

The home is a space where traditions are born and nurtured. We believe that interiors should not regurgitate commonplace practices or adhere blindly to the latest fashion. In our projects, we give preference to natural fabrics, local and international handicrafts, and European brands that value a high quality of workmanship.
Darya Vetrova
Yelena Suleimanova
Co-founder of Yurta Interiors, director, designer–decorator, and textile specialist

Darya brings to life the textile component of our projects and manages the process from the first sketch until the drapes are hung. In 2021, she ranked first among the top 50 textile designers and decorators in the CIS in the Heimtextil Fair’s international competition.
Content manager, website editor

Yelena specializes in content and curates Yurta Interiors’ presence on social media. She makes sure that clients receive the information and ideas we want to convey.
Almagul Akhmetbayeva
Co-founder, commercial director, and buyer

Almagul negotiates with suppliers at exhibitions and supervises all the furnishings, from selection of lighting and furniture to installation and decoration. She devises our showroom concepts, chooses objects to be displayed, and hunts for charming and unique items.
Anastasia Ilina
Svetlana Malishevskaya
Textile designer

Anastasia decorates interiors with textiles and leads our textile projects, including sketching, compiling options, making estimates, and overseeing sewing and installation. A graphic designer by training, she is in love with the possibilities that fabrics can give to an interior.
Administrative manager, logistician

Svetlana deals with administrative tasks and helps us communicate with European textile manufacturers and receive deliveries in a timely manner. She is indispensable to our accounting and office routines.