We are happy to join a project at any stage, before or after renovation. However, the earlier we join, the more holistic an approach we can offer. When starting from the ground up, we’ll calculate the budget and deliver all your orders just in time for your housewarming party. Please choose the services you need from the list below.

1. Textile design
2. Selection of furniture and interior accessories
3. Décor
Textile design can take one to six months, and the interior design and furnishing five to seven months, with three to four months for the manufacture and delivery of furniture and accessories.

First, we talk to the client to understand their profile, asking them to fill out a detailed questionnaire, and then present them with the design project. The next stage is the selection of materials, furnishings, and decorations, some of which are custom-made by European manufacturers. We carefully think through the combinations of textures and hues of textiles, wood, stone, leather, and other materials, and compile a mood board, a mini layout of the interior. While doing so, we always keep the client’s budget and timeframe in mind.
Timeline and Process
This is an important stage in which the interior design concept grows into concrete items and decorative elements. We can select furniture for a site under construction or replace existing pieces in a house, apartment, or office.

Project stages
1. We first analyze the existing information about the premises, like the floor layout and its spatial parameters. It is important for us to visit the premises or, if this is not feasible, to obtain photos, videos, blueprints, drawings, or 3D visualizations.
2. We select furnishings from the collections of our partner manufacturers and make collages that take all sizes and measurements into account, along with their cost estimates. The client then receives copies of the prepared mood boards and stylistic options.
3. After the client approves the choice of objects, we then proceed with the selection of upholstery fabric, wood grains and patterns, and finishings.
4. We sign a 90-day contract with the client for the supply of furniture and accessories, and then proceed to order them from the manufacturer.
5. We oversee deliveries and install and assemble the furniture on the premises.
Selection of furniture and interior accessories
We choose accessories for unfinished or finished interiors, either changing them or adding character by accentuating them with cushions, panels, paintings, or vases. We work with local craftspeople or order items from European design brands. We can also make an addition to an interior according to your specifications and wishes; e.g., an artwork, sculpture, or panel in metal, ceramic, fabric or wood.

Project stages
1. We analyze the premises, taking into account the client’s suggestions and wishes.
2. We prepare a proposal in the form of a collage or mood board. If items are in stock, we bring them to the premises to see how they fit.
3. We make a contract and approve the final choice of items with the client.
4. We order accessories from our partners or manufacture them locally.
5. We install and arrange the accessories in the client’s apartment or house.
Interior decoration
Textile design
Textiles are an important component of any interior, as they set the tone for the whole house. In contrast to austere and “brute” architectural forms, soft textiles in a variety of textures and hues fill the space with a sense of coziness and life.

Project stages
1. We first visit the premises in-person, or, if the project is remote, study photos, videos, and/or blueprints. We determine what elements are already in the interior and which need to be taken into account for the design. Sometimes the textiles motivate the entire concept for an interior, and other times they serve as complements.
2. We conceptualize the textiles in a collage using fabric samples. Depending on the project, we select textiles for drapes and curtains, tulle, bedspreads, cushions, and upholstery. The client visits our showroom to choose the texture and hues, making use of our expertise to decide.
3. We make an estimate, sign a contract, and get approvals for sketches with exact dimensions.
4. We submit orders to our partner manufacturers. When the fabrics are delivered, we tailor the final products in our sewing shop.
5. We prefer to do holistic, integrated work—for example, we design, manufacture and install all curtain rods and drapery hardware.
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