A House in the Country
for a Large Family
Area: 1600 м²
Photo credit: Дамир Отеген
For this project, we designed textiles and curated a collection of rugs. The client chose the textiles during the construction phase (we worked with the selected samples). The rugs were woven in India by hand according to custom sketches and then integrated into the finished interior.

The choice of textiles brings the existing pieces of furniture together, maintaining their balance and composition.
The main bedroom is quite spacious, and we decided to use several hues of textiles, chosen carefully so that that the fabrics would not overshadow the base palette and the furniture itself. The handwoven rug also has elements of dusty pink, deep turquoise, coffee, and lilac. The chinoiserie motif on the rug gives the room an exotic touch.

Drapes: silk from the de Le Cuona collection
Bedspread: jacquard from the Kravet collection
Bed runner: Ralph Lauren
Cushions: velvet and cashmere from the de Le Cuona collection
The fabrics in the elder son’s bedroom are a compilation of different rhythms and colors that were intended to add dynamics to the interior. The bedspread, however, is more neutral, allowing for accents.

Cushions: Hermès Home Fabrics
Bedspread: Carlucci di Chivasso
Bed runner: Lizzo